Employee Welfare

Employee Welfare

Insurance and Retirement System

According to legal regulations, all employees are insured for labor insurance, national health insurance, and retirement pension contribution system.
For employees travelling on business, the company provides fixed-amount travel insurance.

Senior Staff

In recognition of the dedication and efforts of senior employees with five, ten, and fifteen years of service, the company has established reward measures to recognize their contributions.


Holiday Bonuses

Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Labor Day, Mid-Autumn Festival.


Year-end Bonus

Issued based on operational conditions and individual work performance.


Other Welfare Subsidies

Meal subsidies, birthday bonuses, wedding congratulations gifts, childbirth bonuses, funeral condolences, work-related injury assistance, hospitalization condolences.

Health Check-ups

All regular employees are entitled to annual physical health check-ups provided by the company, including the examination results report.


Work-Life Balance

The company values ​​employee performance while also emphasizing the quality of employee life. The company holds employee dinners and company trips irregularly every year.

Leave System

According to company regulations and labor standards, including two-day weekends, annual leave, family care leave, female menstrual leave, spouse childbirth leave, etc.

Education and Training

New employee training, professional skills training, internal and external training courses, etc.