R & D Capability

R & D Capability

Research and Development Team

BIGTIME has its own in-house R&D team specializing in structural and optical design. We continuously update and introduce cutting-edge design software to enhance the quality of our services. Additionally, BIGTIME conducts thorough product validation and risk reduction before product development to ensure customer recognition and trust in BIGTIME's product quality.


BIGTIME employs advanced optical design simulation software LucidShape and 3D CAD software for product design, offering unique and innovative design concepts focusing on mass production and cost structure to develop competitive products in the market in collaboration with clients.

Flow Analysis

BIG TIME provides mold flow analysis engineering services to help clients thoroughly assess manufacturing risks before development. With an experienced engineering team possessing professional knowledge, we assist clients in evaluating and resolving various manufacturing solutions.


BIGTIME offers product prototype development services, producing one or several prototypes based on product drawings or physical modeling software without the need for molds, used to check the appearance or structural rationality of functional prototypes. We assist in material development and product design, utilizing technology to identify potential production problems in advance for improvement and risk reduction.


BIGTIME possesses precise measurement capabilities, providing dimensional measurements comparing target objects to reference objects. Covering various products based on their measurement purposes, methods, and accuracy, correct dimension measurements can "inspect" whether the manufactured items meet the required specifications (tolerances).


BIGTIME has professional goniometer measurement technology, providing comprehensive measurement services tailored to customer-specified international regulations, spectra, chromaticity, and illuminance requirements.


BIGTIME has early-stage optical and structural design verification capabilities, as well as compliance with international regulations, providing clients with detailed verification reports to expedite product stability development.